Our Values

Safety – Global Electric is committed to the safety of our employees.  We go out of our way to treat everyone like family, and as family we have a responsibility to keep people happy, strong, and safe. We routinely hold safety meetings with our dedicated staff, undergo safety certifications, inspect jobsites and equipment prior to use, and vigorously keep in line with all OSHA standards.

Service – At Global Electric we understand that construction is about so much more than just building. It’s about People.  Our job is to surpass our customers’ expectations at every turn. We want every contact we should feel like they’ve received world class Customer Service. Global Electric actively works to provide responsible, safe, reliable and effective services. We take our responsibility to help our clients’ needs and requirements seriously.  Every single one of our team members is committed to continuously improving the quality of the service we offer to our community. We take pride in what we do.

Professionalism – Global Electric is tireless in its pursuit for new and better ways to serve our customers and overcome the challenges facing the projects we take on. For some, professionalism might mean dressing smartly at work, or doing a respectable job. For Global electric, professionalism means having advanced understanding of the field we work in, keeping our clients up to date on the projects we work on, and always maintaining a friendly and respectful manner.

Reliability – Global Electric strives to create and maintain a strong and dependable reputation.  Our goal is not to only to perform work, but to perform the work we do well.  Global Electric goes out of its way to go above and beyond for the projects we work on.  Each project we accept receives the utmost attention to detail as well as completing the project in a timely and fair manner.

Community – As a DBE/SBE/MBE, Global Electric is committed to forging strong personal connections and trusting relationships with the people of our community.  Global Electric makes a point to hire people of diversity.  We work to lead the way in state-of-the-art training for our employees, work on State and Federal projects to improve the quality of life for the people around us, and takes part in philanthropic activities and organizational partnerships that improve the longevity and quality of life for residents of local areas.

Innovation – Technology is a dynamic, ever-changing field where new knowledge and expertise drives the delivery of top-notch Service.  Global Electric is committed to the constant quest of new and better ways of caring for our clients. We stay abreast of the latest technological advances, provide continuing education and training for all our team members and serve as a training resource for individuals pursuing careers within the industry.