Low Voltage

CCTV/PA Systems The low voltage systems group at Global Electric provides design, cabling, and installation of wired and wireless security camera systems including closed circuit television (CCTV systems). We’re experienced with facility and building security systems of all sizes from simple systems to large, complex, indoor/outdoor, multiple-camera wireless security systems. CCTV security camera systems can help protect businesses and institutional facilities with: A 24/7 video security presence, extra attention on particularly sensitive areas like checkouts, teller windows, supply rooms, ATMs, and deposit boxes. Extra retail security for jewelry, electronic, and 24-hour convenience stores. Additional margin of customer and employee safety in parking lots and other remote areas. CCTV Systems also provide the ability to monitor machine and system performance and experimental results in settings too hazardous for human presence. Global Electric works with all types of CCTV security camera systems and can provide extra functions like digital backup, automatic activity alerts, motion-activated response, and more.

Voice and Data Cabling Low voltage voice and data cabling has the longest life-cycle of any component in your entire voice data communications network. That’s why it’s important that your system is expertly designed and installed by an electrical contractor with cabling specialists on staff. Global Electric voice data personnel are certified and experienced in working with the full range of cable types: Category 5e, Category 6 Fiber Optic, Wireless Network Technologies. Global Electric offers expertise in virtually every type of low voltage cabling project including: new construction installation, upgrade of existing system, move-add-change work, cable testing and verification, data center design and installation, communication room design and installation, closet “clean-up”, data and voice patch panel installation, on-site technician services (full or part-time)